Friday, August 25, 2006

What Addicted People Do

Of course, that's what addicts do! Addicts lie, manipulate, steal, make bad, impulsive decisions. We scratch our heads and wonder, how could they do that? Don't they see what a mess they are making of their lives? Family members are thinking logically but addiction is not logical. We want to help so we take care of the addict in ways that shield them from the consequences of their addiction. We take on the pain they should be feeling. Family members eventually must learn that nagging, preaching, threatening, or lecturing the addict is a waste of their time. The addict does not have anymore control over their disease process than you do, which is none. Neither the addict nor their family member wants to accept this reality and it causes a tremendous level of pain and chaos. When the family member begins to accept this reality then healing can begin for them. The same way that the addict must accept that they are powerless over their addiction the family member do the same. the family members addiction is trying to control the addicts disease.

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