Thursday, January 18, 2007

Check Out This Link

I just added a link over there on the right "Issues for Families." This is will take you to a website created by the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba and it is filled with information and resources about responding to addiction with family members or friends including gambling addiction. The link I provided takes you directly to the issues for families section. The general website can be found at- -

Over the years that I have been teaching the family class in Hawaii the majority of people that have come to the class were those that have adult children that are addicts and this link addresses this issue along with many many others. If you are confused, stressed, trying to make someone who doesn't want help get it and keeping all this a secret, this website is for you.

Addiction is a family illness. It causes isolation, neglect of core values, stressed family ties, shame and financial difficulties to name a few. Everyone is effected and needs help with understanding what is going on.

Your not alone.

Check out the links on the right.

Find someone to talk with.

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