Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Letter of Resignation

This was brought to me by one of the family members in the class. You may use it as a guide or at some point fill it out as you are able and submit it to the addict in your family. As a reminder, don't resign from anything you aren't ready to follow through on. This is a process that takes time and support.

Letter of Resignation

I, ____________________________, do hereby resign from the following:

___ Being preoccupied with your problem.
___ Being Controlling.
___ Being a Caretaker.
___ Worrying.
___ Getting in the way of you being responsible for yourself.
___ Protecting you from the consequences of your actions.
___ Snoopervising.
___ Shaming, blaming and being an all around pain.
___ Walking on eggshells.
___ Taking your inventory.
___ Being responsible for your recovery.
___ Enabling you with money, or the type of support which keeps you dependent on me.
___ Being a martyr.
___ Being miserable.
___ Supporting you if you leave treatment before the recommended discharge date.
___ Other __________________________________________________

I submit this letter of resignation to you, _____________________________ as my gift to you
       and to myself as a sign of my wish for a full life for you and me.

Signed by ______________________________________________   Date __________________