Monday, February 17, 2014

Now Available: "Families And Addiction: How To Stop The Chaos And Restore Family Balance" To Browse or Buy this book click on link under Important Resources on the right.


I and my co-authors wrote this book for one purpose - to teach family members and friends of people with substance abuse issues a specific set of skills that will help them survive the stress loving an addict creates in their lives. We share with the reader ways to deal with the fear, anger, helplessness and conflict they may experience in their attempts to help the addicted family member while trying to maintain some order to their lives.  We know from experience that there is no quick fix to addiction; recovery from addiction is a lifelong project.  For this reason this book focuses on: (1) providing accurate and useful information about addiction; and (2) teaching the specific skills that are essential for family members to learn and practice. What do family members need to know, what do family members need to do and how they can go about learning and doing these things. This book explains how to create and maintain healthy boundaries, how to work effectively as a team, how to find and use appropriate support, and how to improve communications with the addicted family member as well as other family members.  The emphasis throughout is on you, the family member or friend of the addict. When addiction enters a family the whole family embarks on a journey. This book is a unique guide for individuals or groups who want to learn the skills and behaviors essential for negotiating that path with the best chance for a positive outcome.

Available in paperback now at  Category: Books; Families and Addiction.

Also,  This book is now available as an e- book at Kindle Books.

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