Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comment On Manipulation and Addiction

On November 5, 2007 I posted a blog entry on "Manipulation and Addiction". It can easily be located on this blog in "Blog Archive". Located in lower right side of blog.

I have received many important and meaningful comments related to the post on manipulation and addiction as well as comments on many other.  I am not sure if people have been reading the comments so I believe it is important to highlight some of them. this was a recent comment about the November 5, 2007 post.  I will highlight comments on other posts in the future.

"I have a daughter who has been on drugs for two years. She did two times in rehab and was successful during rehab but relapsed when she came out. She now lives away from home and is homeless. I am addicted to her every move and her every lie. I can't sleep at night and worry through the day. Today I am making a change and putting the focus back on me. I have been to AlaNon and used the program when I was living with my ex-husband. Somehow it was easier to put up boundaries and detach with love with my spouse than with my daughter. The result is that I am sicker because of it and all my controlling ways have not helped her one bit. Let it begin with me...I can't control it, cure it nor did I cause it. These are hard words for a parent to accept but I am powerless over her choices. So, for all you struggling with an addict, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for the reminder that addicts lie and manipulate and not to take it personally. Words to live by and I hope to do so".

Please read Manipulation and Addiction... November 5, 2007.